My Very First Ice Skates

In the corner of my closet I found my very first ice skates I picked them up and was surprised at how small they were. I couldn’t believe the first time I wore them was 18 years ago. I placed them back in their place and saw the row of every pair of skates I’ve ever owned, all of the 22 pairs of skates, were neatly ordered in a row. Each pair of skates with stories of their own. That made me remember all of my dreams, disappointments and achievements I experienced wearing them. Some skates were more beaten up than others and that made me think of the rough years I put them through while learning new jumps. Others were signed by famous and Olympic skaters I had the pleasure of training with. In fact, that was a dream of mine, go to the Olympics. But that wasn’t meant to be. As I looked at my last pair of skates, I remembered my last year of competition which was, at the same time the best and worst year of my skating career. Mexican National Championships, three Grand Prix International competitions and the World Championships, these skates endured through it all and they were also on my feet the day I broke my knee. In that moment my life changed, the dreams and hopes I had when I was just 3 years old wearing that tiny pair of skates, my very first ice skates, where gone. I used to remember my old self and couldn’t help but feel sad and sorry when I looked back on those days and it was like remembering someone else or someone I used to know but didn’t anymore. Now almost 3 years later I don’t feel sad nor sorry, but I won’t lie by saying I don’t miss that old life. The thing is I understand that things happen or don’t happen for a reason. I wouldn’t be who I am today living life like I am if it wasn’t because of all those years and experiences my skates were part of. As I place my bag on my shoulder with a new pair of skates in it and look in the mirror I can finally see that my old self, that little 3-year-old girl and my current self finally are at peace. Because even though I may not go to the Olympics anymore that doesn’t mean I don’t get to do what I love for as long as I can do it. And who knows maybe in the future I’ll get to teach or have a little girl with the same dreams and hopes I had when I started skating and get to give her my very first ice skates. 

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