My grandfathers Truck

My grandfather kept his 1948 dream shiny blue truck in the driveway facing the street, with big fenders, thick wheels and rounded shape. Whether is sunny or cloudy, morning or night the truck is always clean and shiny, it is not possible to find a scratch on it. He can tell you a lot of tales that happened with his truck, it might look old but rides like new. This truck means the world to my grandfather because it is the thing he wanted the most at age 17, he wanted to sleep in the truck the first day he got it, and even though he has had other cars, the 1948 truck is still his favorite car. If you ask my grandfather ¿Why do you still have that truck? He would answer because of the memories. Through the years my family has had good times and bad times and the truck is still there in the driveway. It actually survived one of the most devastating hurricanes in Mexico, Gilberto. That truck looks pretty cool and I like my car a lot, so my grandfather inspires me on taking care of my car so i can preserve it as it is. Our family meets every New Year Eve and my grandfather lets his grandsons drive his truck. Some people laugh at this truck because of how old it is, but some others amaze themselves because is really well maintained. My grandfather is a great driver, he never crashed the truck, even though he once tried to race but killed the engine. Sometimes he would buy stuffed dices for the rear view, just like in the old movies. My grandfather says he get his luck from his truck. Through the windshield you can always see a smile in his face and once you go inside the truck, you travel in time.

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