Seafood locations that represent Singapore

There are certain aspects of a country that seeps every aspect of the lifestyle prevalent there. It wouldn’t be wrong than to say that Singapore and seafood have become synonymous of each other. A cuisine held in high regards here, the following locations do complete justice to the earthiness and richness of Singaporean seafood and way of living.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to reach Singapore from Kuala Lumpur is to board a bus, tickets for which you can book from The 11-hour journey passes through scenic routes that will see to it you don’t realise where and when time passed by.

Chin Huat Live Seafood

Chin Huat Live Seafood at Sunset Way serves competent food at reasonable prices. Besides the usual zi char fare, they also offer a great variety of exotic seafood. A good spot for live seafood if you are in the west of Singapore. Their Lunar New Year menu starts from $398 for 10 persons.

Jumbo Seafood

This is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Singapore. Locals and tourists frequent Jumbo Seafood, and reservations are usually required in advance, especially if you are dining a big group.

Red House Seafood Restaurant
A plate filled with barbecued cuttle fish, black pepper crab and sambal belacan and the sea for company, this restaurant is said to provide locals and tourists alike a taste of what Singapore stands for. Its custard prawn preparation is a big seller.

Ponggol Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant
The old-world charm of Singapore is represented through this seafood joint whose history dates back several decades. Reopened in 2014, this restaurant is known for its unique chilli-tomato sauce—a special preparation made from over 10 ingredients, including ones like dried shrimps and blue ginger.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant Specialty: The restaurant strives to be as distinct as the country. Each of its five outlets prepare dishes that are unique to that branch only. If barbecued fish is what you seek, then head to the East Coast Parkway branch. For the white jade crab, you will have to travel to the Dempsey Hill branch.

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