knock knock


I am so taking in by your wonderful talk


You come up upon my door and carefully knock


I dance all along strings as I carefully walk


Closer to your waiting arms I skillfully stalk




And I listen so carefully to whatever you say


It’s so good to love somebody close every day


As the twinkling in the stars, carefully play


Any song I can fall in love with, takes me away




And in this situation I so carefully weigh


Never does me any good to not ever get away


Life is so full of adventures living every day


But I think being in love is my favorite way




It’s been so long since I got so carried away


That’s why it’s not difficult for me to say


I will always be in love with you, every day


It’s so wonderful you came here, to gently talk




Lay your hand upon my heart and carefully knock


I always let you in as you skillfully walk


Lines you draw with your eyes quietly talk


I see it’s so peaceful here, away I never will walk




I wait so patiently for you with the tick tock of a clock


For your fingers on my heart to carefully walk


Some secret about being in love I can’t unlock


Don’t make me wait so long next time you knock


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