A Day In The Life Of High Heels

Humorous Poetry

I went out for a walk today

Just enjoying the fresh air,

I was showing myself off to some friends

I felt like a perfect pair.

My bright red color shined

In the brightest of light,

Then something happened

It gave me the most terrible fright.

One of my teeth broke off

I got stuck in a sidewalk crack,

Everything was fine

Until I heard a "SNAP!"

This had happened to me before

I was rushed to the hospital,

The doctor said he couldn't help me,

But to go home and take a pill.

I had a splitting headache

I didn't know what to do,

It's kind of hard to eat

When you only have one tooth left to chew.

I got kicked around the bedroom

It's not my fault I lost a tooth,

I told those stinky feet that had me on

"Serves you right, you damn overweight goof!"

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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