Searching For The Outhouse

Humorous Poetry

Travelling through the outback
with a tour group,
me stomach started rumblin'
I had to go poop.

I ran underneath
a eucalyptus tree,
but a dang dingo
kept following me.

I had to go
really darn bad,
this is the worst feeling
I have ever had.

I kept runnin' around
was feeling rather daft,
I seen a kookaburra
it stood there and laughed.

I was runnin' wildly
around the open bush,
farts were comin' out
of me gassy tush.

Me knickers were being
real nasty buggars,
they kept ridin'
they were extremely tight huggers.

After all the runnin' around
I met up with me group,
ne'er did find the dang outhouse
and still gotta go poop.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

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