Leaping Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day

Leaping through the clovers

on his merry way,

the leprechaun is happy

on this St. Patrick's Day.

He tripped o'er a pebble

and landed on his face,

he lost his po' o' gold,

it spilled all o'er the place.

He got up off the ground

put his hands on his hips,

his pipe fell ou' o' his mouth,

he had a pout upon his lips.

"I lost me po' o' gold

all o'er the place,

because o' the damn pebble

me landed on me face."

He bent o'er to

pick up his riches,

his pants fell down

out came the stitches.

"Ta ta te, ta ta ti,

now me is pissed off,

me arse is a showin'

and me temper is aloft."

"Me ain't very happy

I lost me po' o' gold,

me pipe fell on the ground,

me feelin' o so old."

"Bending o'er is hard

on me back,

me is goin' ta pull up me pants,

so me can hide me crack."

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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