Guests For Supper


I'm getting guests for supper

They'll be here in a few hours,

The dragon from down the street is coming

Faires are staying home, they have the scours.

Both the King and Queen

Will be dressed in their best attire,

The ogre that lives under the bridge

Lord, I hope he doesn't perspire.

The Unicorns will be here as well

Flying over everyone's head,

I hope they don't run in the castle walls

Wishing they'll land on the grass instead.

The Pixies are leaving their forest home

To be at my supper too,

I hope the giant doesn't fill their chairs

With super sticky crazy glue.

I have to go get ready now

And pretty up my curly hair,

Lord, I hope everything goes well,

Oh damn, where are my polka dotted underwear?

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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