Groundhog Complaints

Groundhog Day

"How would you like to be

pulled out of your bed,

held up by the

scruff of your neck,

being poked and prodded,

noticing there's hair missing

in unmentionable places

and freezing your nuts off,

so people can find out

if they are still going to

freeze their asses off,

for a few more months?"

"How would you

like it, huh?

How would you like it?

Tell me, come on.

It doesn't sound

very pleasant does it?"

"You put me down,

this instant

and let me go

back into my hole

and go back to bed!"

Poor Mr. Groundhog,

putting up with the

same old shit

every year.

You know?

He has a point.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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