The Fallen Ones

Shuttle Columbia

It was a year today

that the

Shuttle Columbia

met its fate,

seven happy souls

lost in a tragic event,

that never should have been.

They dedicated their lives

for the enrichment of mankind,

their hearts were happy,

their souls were free,

they lived their lives

to be able to soar

amongst the stars.

The fallen ones

were brave to be

so far from home,

they had so many

stories to tell.

The story about

what a great adventure

it was to see the Earth,

from so far away.

My heart and soul

are with the familes

of these brave astronauts,

whom dedicated their lives

for future exploration.

Let us not forget,

the fallen ones.

© Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in memory of the astronauts that lost their lives a year ago today.

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