My grandmother's paintings

My Grandmother has kept her painting hobby as a way of living, with a canvas, several brushes and some paint colors laying in the right corner of her apartment next to the window. Whether some paintings were based on famous contemporary artists, or in photographs she took out in the nature, or in abstract paintings she always painted in the right corner of her apartment. Whether she copies from someone else’s creativity, she always puts her touch in each painting making her own piece of art. Through family weddings, birthdays, and celebrations and through problems and hard times she kept painting in the right corner of her apartment. She is an artist, a good one that tries to get even better with time. Sometimes coincidences happened when she starts to paint La Virgen de Guadalupe to my mom, where she wanted some roses; it was coincidence that the painting was complete by December 12, the day of festivity of the appearance of the Virgin in Mexico, it was coincidence that the painting had twelve roses around. Sometimes it makes me think each painting has a special surprise and a story behind it that makes it unique. From time to time she tells us stories of how our grandfather was a great artist and how he could draw and paint either in a piece of paper or a piece of rock, and how he was an inspiration for starting this hobby. For her it doesn’t matter the exact precision of the painting, or the level of perfection, or how people admired her skills, but the happiness and the smiles she could cause in the persons she is giving the paintings. The amazing thing to me is that she is willing to continue painting and making projects at her age of eighty years old. The next day she wanted to make a painting for each grandson as a demonstration of her love to each one of us, at the same time this will help us remind her skills, perseverance and love. For her it is important to pass to her family the beauty of having a pastime, to divert, to relax, and enjoy life. It doesn’t matter if she gets tired, or if she needs a new pair of glasses, or if the spotlight is failing, she will be painting in the right corner of her apartment. It doesn’t matter if it rains, if it gets cold, if its sunny, she will be enjoying painting in the right corner of her apartment.

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