Drop by drop...

Drop by drop,

I fell the pain as it begins to ease

Hoping time brings me peace.

This is me wanting to forget every piece,

all I can seem to do is drink.

Wishing the numbness will help and keep me from my hell.

Fuck im overwhelm...

Not wanting to let this feeling go,

I gor for a few more drops just for the props.

drop by drop rather a peg too large

fills an ocean but cant fill my heart

what is it that i seek

where do i go

so yet another drop by drop

my heart follows

fucking overwhelming not wanting to let this feeling go

a few more drops follows

to drink is to live is to drink some more

who knows it better

only a throat so soar

drop by drop im reaching the heights

drop by drop im falling down to pieces

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had some help from a friend with this one, thanx! ;)

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