Battle Cry II: Napoleon

If ever I saw a feild of green

beneath a pale azure sky 

I fear I would be alone to it

for it would be Elysium 

and I would stride alone.


Alone once more

for a pasage imerserable

even my patience would frey

it is the passage of time 

that lays waste to great men.


Not smoke nor icy wind

shall rip my mind from the throngs of steel

but illness, a poison of mortality

shall rend me from horse and command.


Am i so mighty, so terrible

that the four corners of the world  

would stand without revel

to see me caged once more.


Am i so weak, so ill

that i must lay in the back

and whisper the fates of men

through ink and wax.


was it so terrible to die 

a meager death a solom whisper

than to rise from ash 

only to be put to dust.



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