I Need to Stop

Your a stranger from across the border,

a stranger i met online, you came at me bold

and confident and captured my sight

you asked me how you could win my heart,

but i honestly don't have a clue,

i'm scared of you

you shared with me your wounds and i did the same,

i kept to myself only showing what was equal in exchange,

but now i'm going to run away and hide for a month,

i'm sorry, i know this'll torment you,

but i am not as blunt,

i would tell you my feelings if i knew what they were,

but each time we speak,

my stomache..it turns,

i don't know what is happening and lifes chaos is just as such,

so i'm sorry but it seems speaking with you is just too much.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

met a guy online and i have no idea on what to do, he wants to date and i don't know what i want. enjoy <:)

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