Lullabies From Another Time

Sad songs on the radio

Fading like a long distance drive

Can't hear the tune ,because

I'm back in a memory I left behind

There's a baby crying being rocked side to side

Twinkle twinkle


London Bridge is falling down

I can't close my eyes but I'm dreaming

Cradle will fall

Down I go into the rabbit hole

Ashes to Ashes

and we fall.

We all fall


Down and Down we go

Where it stops

We may never know.

An alarm rings

Dream within a dream

Waking moment

Cloudy in clarity

I know how I got here,but 

not where it goes

The past is a guide, 

not a fortune teller of what's to be.

Awake in the moment



What's present?

Confused but moving.

Starting over with every step.


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