Emotionally Butchered

Depressed Poetry

Stay out of my head

remove yourself from my dreams.

Stop the fucking torture

remove the past from memory.

There are still tears in these eyes

even though it's been years since that pain.

When does the nightmare end

can it be when I'm old and grey?

How much more of this can I take

I'm already about to burst.

I'm tired of this life I lead

sick of all my hidden fears.

In the dead of night, in my slumber,

it's your face I see, haunting me.

Creating more misery

I awake with tears in my eyes

and a broken heart because of your lies.

Can't you see your not wanted?

Everytime you hug me

my skin crawls in disgust

I hate the way you feel near me

it makes me want to rot away.

Dead inside and still I cry

all this pain that is me.

All the hideous memories

consume every part of me.

Whats left of me to experience

the happiness in life, if any?

You've killed everything I ever had

my heart, my mind, and my soul.

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