Passionate Existance


Snowflakes fall across my skin

like gentle kisses from his lips.

The skies tease me into dreams

of his eyes staring deep into mine.

My breath caught in my throat

as the image of his beauty unfolds.

His smile taunting for me to be near,

with his arms held open for my embrace.

Fingertips flutter across my skin

like slow falling raindrops.

Tongue dancing it's way up my stomach

as my body shivers it's excitement.

My eyes silently scream,

rolling into the back of my head.

Fists clenched as you slowly

devour the passion in my mind.

Carelessly I open my soul to you,

welcoming these newfound desires.

Your gentle touch invades

every inch of my body.

I find myself drowning in this that we share,

our own passionate existence.

When my eyes meet yours,

and the flames begin to burst.

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