Slippery Romance (Explicit Content)

Slippery Romance (Explicit Content)

Their fingers intertwine as they watch,

another movie full of humorous moments.

The ending credits roll on a black screen,

as her lips meet his own, a gentle kiss.

He stands up slowly removing his shirt,

and unbuttoning his pants as he walks.

She quickly follows as they enter the

bathroom of their shared apartment.

He helps peel the clothes off her body,

as she turns the steaming water on.

The shower spills its little waterfall

to the bottom of their white bathtub.

She climbs in first, letting the hot water

sprinkle itself all over her naked flesh.

He steps in after her, watching her

body respond to the heat from the water.

Her nipples grow hard in the warmth,

as she pulls his naked body closer to her.

Both under their private little waterfall,

their lips pressed hard against eachother.

His hands massage the small of her back,

as her fingers slide through his wet hair.

She smiles as she looks into his deep eyes,

the passion starting to grow between them.

He grabs the washcloth, handing it over to

her, she starts rubbing it across his back.

Softly he moans, knowing its her hands

gently touching every portion of his body.

Finally he simply grabs her around the waist

pinning her against the back wall in the tub.

He presses his lips firmly against her own,

giving her another deep passionate kiss.

He suddenly feels the heat of her body,

as he slides a finger inside of her slit.

Gentle he rubs against her flower bud,

listening to the moans of her pleasure.

He combination of heat and wetness pouring

off her luscious naked body turns him on more.

She feels the tip of his manhood softly strike

the inside of her thigh as his passion grows.

He carefully lifts her up against the wall,

as he slips his cock inside of her wet slit.

They both left out a soft moan that fans

the flames growing within their heated desire.

The shower still running but long forgotten,

as their hips grind together in passions dance.

Her heels digging into his legs as she tries

pulling him deeper inside of her warmth.

Her body hitting hard against the wall

as he presses himself harder against her.

She caresses his lower lip with her tongue,

gently teasing him and making him moan.

Her head tilts towards the sky as she lets

out another load moan of extreme pleasure.

His lips softly kissing each of her nipples

as their hips continue to crash together.

Her tongue slides across the salty sweat

of his neck, driving his passionate soul.

His forehead lays against her shoulder

using his strength to slide deeper inside.

Her eyes starting to roll into the back of her

head as the peak of their passion ignites within.

The moment of release upon her, she explodes

her deep pleasure onto the hardness inside of her.

Her last furious cry of orgasm consumes him

as he feels his seed spilling into her body.

His lips press hard against her own in light

of their passionate performance together.

Slipping himself out of her body, he backs

towards the shower head, letting it rain on him.

She closes her eyes once more, soaking in this

moment, then jumps back into his waiting arms.

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