Lonely Teardrop

Love Poetry

Lonely Teardrop

The drying tear of a lost dream

streaks it's way across the sky.

Leaving no trace of it's existence,

going unseen by the naked eye.

Hidden beneath the soft wings

of a tender touch to the heart.

A Passion not heard of in this life

set free into it's innocent dreams.

Cascading through a field of petals

as roses slowly shed their beauty.

Dancing to the beat of love's heart

echoing throughout their minds.

A promise made between two souls

that their love shall last eternally.

Spent wrapped in the warmth of the

arms that surround a lovers body.

Staring through the eyes of a soul,

a lover is enchanted by it's devotion.

The careful sweep of a fingertip that

slowly strokes the cheek of another.

Words seem to melt into my mind as I

stand here staring at a lover's dream.

Praying for one more gentle touch

of his hand across my delicate heart.

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