Endless Demise

Depressed Poetry

Endless Demise

Injecting the poisonous venom of love

deep inside of the wounds in your heart.

The blood still seeping out it's holes,

crying out the names of the accused.

Memories taunting the rambling mind,

left in shambles, weakness consuming.

Shrieks of both pain and pleasure

echo their way throughout all time.

Leaving traces of your existence,

crumbled pieces of your broken heart.

Devouring it's victims, helpless creatures

trying to heal an endless amount of wounds.

The mark of evil caressing your skin,

sinful yet so irresistible, it's soft touch.

Stealing the beauty from within your soul,

the scar, a reminder of what once was.

Cursed for eternity, to spend the afterlife

surrounded by the heated flames of Hell.

Shifting throughout the black darkness

that slithers it's way underneath your skin.

Cracking the mirror's view of elegance,

tainted by the seal of it's own evil requests.

The cries of those weak enough to scream

infiltrating your already destroyed mind.

Passing whispers of demented lies to ears

heard in the whips of the fierce blowing wind.

Tears soaking the blood stained dress

worn only six feet underneath the ground.

Rotting with passion and the burning hatred

growing inside of your ripped apart soul.

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