Passionate Darkness (Explicit Content)

Passionate Darkness

Upon a cloud, she seems to float into the room,

stealing the heart of every boy looking her way.

The bell finally rings as another day of school

begins to bore the life out of countless teenagers.

The young heartbreaker stands up and whispers

something into their new teacher's left ear.

She continues on walking through the entrance,

only the sound of a door closing heard behind her.

She slowly walks down the seemingly endless hallway,

searching for the bathroom at the end of the hall.

A smile starts to form across her face as she spots it,

her pace quickens as she starts to run towards it now.

She opens the door to the only bathroom in school

that doesn't have a working light bulb inside of it.

She whispers out the name of her dream guy,

whose supposed to meet her here in a few minutes.

She hears no response from the shadows, and

becomes slightly disappointed that he isn't early.

Her fingertips glide across the wall, searching for

the bench that is located next to the two sinks.

Finally her fingers hit the hard wood, and she

grabs ahold of it while she takes a seat to wait.

Fifteen minutes have passed and she is becoming more

and more upset, he's already ten minutes late.

Tired of waiting for him to come, she starts without

him, slowly removing the button from her jeans.

Quickly, she removes her shoes, placing them back

on the bench so she can find them in the dark later.

Carefully she unzips her pants, dropping them to the

cold tile floor, then placing her panties on top of them.

She sits down again, already feeling the heat starting

to rise from between her two long and slender legs.

She takes her hand sliding it slowly down her stomach,

inserting it inside of her already warm and moist slit.

Quietly the moans tremble through her lips as she

rubs her fingers hard against her raging flower bud.

Suddenly the door to her secret lair opens, forcing her

heart to jump into her chest, as she hears her name.

She relaxes as she realizes it's only him, the guy she

has been waiting so desperately for all this time.

He carefully finds his way in the dark to her,

wrapping his arms tightly around her slim waist.

A smile dances across his face as he notices the

lack of clothes covering the features of her body.

She felt the hardness growing between his legs,

as he held her in their few moments of embrace.

She runs her fingers through his jet black hair,

knowing the desire only grows stronger inside of him.

He lays her slowly down upon the cold tiles of the floor,

feeling her whole body let out a shiver beneath him.

Standing up to take his shorts off of his body, he then

quickly jumps back down on top of his little princess.

Sliding his fingertip inside of her deep wetness, she moans,

only making him want to be inside of her all the more.

He forces himself deep inside of her, listening to the

sounds of her breathing as her heart starts to race.

His hands make their way up her stomach and pull the shirt

off of her sweat soaked body, as he kisses her nipples.

He feels them erect underneath the touch of his lips,

allowing his tongue to slither across their mountain peaks.

Grinding their hips together hard, as he forces himself

deeper and deeper into her moaning body of desire.

She covers her mouth with her hand so that no one else

can hear the scream starting to rise from within herself.

He feels her feminine juices surround the length of his

cock, bringing him inches closer to the peak of pleasure.

The orgasm seems to cry out both of their names, as their

hips grind harder together, reaching out for release.

Hearts almost ready to explode from within their chests,

clinging tightly to each other as he forces himself deeper.

His hands find their way to her hips, gripping on to them,

thrusting her lower body harder and harder against his own.

Her moans seem to infiltrate deep inside of his mind,

leaving him weak for the lust they feel when together.

He takes a deep breath as he reaches the peak of ecstasy,

the orgasm screaming its way throughout his entire body.

She feels the same wave of pleasure flooding inside of her,

their orgasms escape from within, together in a pool of lust.

His lips reach up to touch down against her own soft lips,

pressing his tongue between them, tickling her throat.

She glances down upon her watch and a surprised look

seems to form on her face, they are late for next class.

Quickly they gather up their clothes and pull them back

over their bodies, to conceal their shared naked moment.

First out the door is the boy, running his way down the

hall to the nurses for an excused pass for being late.

The young woman takes off in the other direction, ready

to accept whatever punishment is given for her happiness.

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