Secret of My Destruction

Depressed Poetry

Secret of My Destruction

Tears burn their way down my cheek,

as screams of failure echo in my ears.

Visions of the most painful memories

start to deceive my heart and mind.

Ripping the soul from my body,

I lay naked in a dream of lies.

Listening to the whispered cries of

his heart, yearning to be with me.

The fear grows with each breath

as I crawl into my corner and hide.

Scared to hear from truth's lips

the secret to my own demise.

The haunting figure from my dreams,

terrorizing every inch of life left in me.

It writes it's name on the farthest wall,

using my own blood as it's ink.

I wander through it's torture maze,

wanting to set my soul free once more.

TO rid the dark thoughts from mind,

and the fear held within my eyes.

Crawling into it's cold, hateful arms,

it carries me to my dark truth.

This dark hooded figure is none

other then me....

I build my walls around me

to keep the endless pain out.

But now it seems the walls are too thick,

keeping even love from me.

How do you rebuild a life so shattered?

How can I begin to let myself finally heal?

Does the time for happiness come

in this lifetime or the next?

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