Lip Locked Romance (Explicit Content)

The sun sits high in the throne of the sky,

reigning light over every darkness.

Giving off the heat that keeps us warm,

as the earth's temperature slowly rises.

Groups of teenagers lay out in the fields,

just watching each other sweat in this heat.

Complaining about the lack of water,

and the required few moments of rest.

One of the male figures stands up with

a young girl holding on to his left arm.

Quickly they both seem to disappear,

running deeper into the corn fields.

Finally they come upon a little clearing,

where others must have missed planting.

The boy grabs the arm of the lady, pulling

her into his arms and giving her a deep kiss.

She smiles, feeling a bit more at ease now,

but still worried that they will be found.

He tries to soothe her by whispering sweet

thoughts into her delicate little ears.

Her heart slowly calms to it's normal pace,

giving her a chance to catch her breath again.

She lays herself down in the clearing, sitting

on the dirty ground, staring up at the boy.

His sits down beside her, holding her hand,

tracing the back of her hand with his fingertips.

He whispers in her ear,  "So what do we do now?"

having a few intimate thoughts rolling around.

She sees the twinkle in his eye, giving her some

naughty thoughts of her own to arouse her.

She leans closer to his divine lips, pressing her

lips up against them, passionately kissing him.

Slowly he slides his hands up the back of her

shirt, unhooking the restraints of her white bra.

She grabs the bottom sides of her work shirt,

pulling it off over her head, revealing herself to him.

He slowly slips the straps of her bra off of her

shoulders, replacing them with tiny little kisses.

Leaning his body back to take a look upon

her two perfect breasts, giving a kiss to each.

She feels her nipples suddenly erect in his touch,

arousing her all the more now, kissing him again.

He slides his hands up the stomach, feeling her tense

as he puts both hands on her breasts, massaging them.

He feels the blood start to rush to his cock, leaving

him desperately hard between his both tired legs.

She allows a quiet moan to escape through her lips,

his touch simply invading every corner of her mind.

The fear of being caught vanishes from her head,

this moment too intense for another thought.

He lays her down in front of him, unbuttoning her

jeans and pulling them down off of her feet.

He adds another kiss to her lips and starts licking

across her neck, trailing kisses down her stomach.

Stopping to take a look at her and see the expression

on her delicate face, knowing the pleasure she feels.

Sliding a hand down her white panties, he feels

the wetness starting to soaking her slit and thighs.

He grabs a hold of both sides of her panties,

pulling them off of her delicious body slowly.

He slides back up to her face, planting another kiss

on her lips, trailing them down her chest and stomach.

Sticking out his tongue, he begins teasing her,

licking at the bottom of her waist and her nipples.

Slowly he moves downward, feeling the heat rising

from her body as he dives into her delicate flower.

Sliding his tongue across every inch of her slit,

lapping up all the flowing juices from inside of her.

He hears her moans float out of her mouth as she

is no longer able to contain the passion to herself.

He keeps sliding his tongue deeper inside of her slit,

feeling the ecstasy growing between her legs.

He places a hand on each of her hips, trying to pull

her closer to his open mouth, diving deeper into her.

The waves of passion consuming her body as she

arches her back, wanting only more of him and now.

Her body uncontrollably moving along with the

strokes of his tongue, her explosion building up inside.

She begs for the release to take over her body,

wanting desperately to be free of this deep desire.

He starts pressing his tongue harder against her,

lapping up her wetness even faster for her pleasure.

He is consumed by his lust for more of her body to fall

within his grasp, as he traces her body with a fingertip.

The waves of erotic pleasure are building up inside of her,

as the explosion makes itself known to their bodies.

She grips on to the back of his head, hair intertwined

within her fingertips, pressing him harder against her.

Wanting him to bring her this ecstasy that carries a

hold over her body, praying for the highest pleasure.

She cries out into the desolate fields as she orgasms,

another sigh of relief escaping through her lips.

He slowly uses his tongue to soak up every fluid pouring

itself from her body, tasting her juices of ultimate desire.

He climbs back up to her face, pressing his lips against hers,

allowing her to have a taste of the sweet sin they shared.

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