Voice Of My Desire (Explicit Content)

Voice Of My Desire

Darkness covers the trees outside,

shadows of branches seep into the room.

Bringing terror to every wall,

despite the pictures posted everywhere.

Laying alone on her favorite blanket,

holding her phone close to herself.

Waiting for nine o'clock to finally come,

when the phone will ring with his name.

Imagining his name popping up on the screen,

the love of her life, her 'Mr. Wonderful'.

Everyday she simply waits for this moment,

to hear the sound of his voice in her ear.

Secret whispers of a far away love,

desperate to be at each other's side.

Tales of dreams spent exploring all

the curves on their delicate bodies.

She smiles, daydreaming of him again,

it's 9:15 and the phone finally rings.

Immediately answering, excited to hear him,

she tells him that she loves him deeply.

Wanting to know every detail of his day,

will he be happy? or is he sad tonight?

Nothing could wipe the smile from her face,

his voice has taken control of her heart.

She requests a song, sung from his soul,

with her favorite one in mind, she waits.

Music starts playing on the other end,

he's granted her wish, giving her bliss.

The lyrics pouring out of his mouth,

being sucked deep into her love for him.

Captivated by this beautiful sound,

almost aroused by it's deep intensity.

Quietly she wonders if she might excite herself,

holding the phone up to her ear with a shoulder.

The stories of his sexual dreams coming to mind,

as she decides to give herself a little release.

She slides her hand down to her jeans,

unbuttoning them slowly, becoming more aroused.

One hand disappears beneath her panties,

sliding a finger inside of her already wet slit.

She moans inside of her head, his voice overpowering,

feeling the heat rising from between her legs.

A single moan escapes her lips, her heart starts

to pound, wondering if he had heard her.

His voice continues to sing through the phone,

so she returns her hand below her panties.

The pleasure overflowing through her body,

soaking into her gently stroking fingertips.

Her breath becoming heavier, pressing into herself

a little harder each time, the song's almost over.

She feels the heat about to explode within her,

as she rapidly slides her fingers in her slit.

His voice still singing it's song of beauty,

while she finally releases her pleasure.

A secret kept all to herself as the song ends,

his voice echoing throughout her mind.

The intensity of that blissful moment leaving

her almost breathless as he whispers 'I love you'.

Her ears practically failing to hear him,

too lost in the sensuality of this private moment.

Soon his voice grabs her attention once more,

diving into a deep conversation about everyday life.

Longing to jump inside of each other's minds,

and seeing all that dwells within their souls.

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