Creating Dreams (Explicit Content)

Creating Dreams

The sun slowly rises in the eastern sky,

bringing light to every hidden shadow.

Exposing the secrets of the darkness,

to every open eye seeking it's knowledge.

A young man slowly strolls down a street,

his destination unknown to only you.

Passing one house at a time, reading the

numbers listing every address in town.

Searching for the number 31750 on a

street overflowing with many houses.

Seeking the lover who haunts his dreams,

asleep in her warm bed somewhere inside.

Her delicious curves have taunted him,

and now he stands daydreaming of more.

Craving the feel of her petite body,

pressed hard up against his muscles.

Wanting to hear the shriek of her moans,

burning their way deep into his eardrums.

He walks quietly up to the front doorway,

knocking loudly, hoping she's awake now.

Ready to spill every detail of his lustful dream

into her innocent little mind, captivating her.

Pretending like she'd actually jump into his arms,

and fuck him right there and then on the floor.

He knows his dreams aren't the true reality,

his lover still being a young virgin woman.

But he can't stop the dreams from coming,

overtaking his mind and leading him away.

Drowning in his own deep desire for pleasure,

he feels his cock start to get hard, memories.

He tries to think of something else while

still waiting for her to answer the door.

Knocking again she finally answers,

standing in front of him in only a T-shirt.

He forgets all about keep his hardness down,

and lets it jump up in excitement at this sight.

Shes curious about why hes here so early,

but he simply carries her back to the bedroom.

Setting her down on the bed and locking lips,

feeling the passion calling his soul again.

He asks her if she might be willing to do it yet,

but he already knows her answer, not now.

So he slides his hand slowly across her chest,

feeling her nipples erect underneath his fingers.

Wanting to take her body for his own right now,

he flicks his tongue on each of her nipples.

She feels the heat rising between her legs now,

craving his body, but she feels it's much too soon.

He allows his hand to slide down her stomach,

hoping to at least feel the slit growing wet.

She ignores his hand, too consumes with desire,

that she doesn't bother to stop him from touching her.

His fingers slowly lower, reaching towards the slit,

finally touching her inside, he moves his finger around.

Listening to the sounds of her own infinite pleasure,

as his fingers slide through the wetness beneath.

Moving one fingertip faster, feeling the passion

growing deep inside of her body right now.

He slowly reaches inside his pants with the

other hand, massaging his raging hard cock.

Feeling like a child losing her innocence,

but too devoured by the pleasure of his touch.

He closes his eyes, pretending that he's pushing

his cock deep inside of her and not his finger.

She suddenly feels a wave of euphoria exploding

throughout her entire body as she orgasms.

His cock releasing it's pleasure in his jeans,

as her wetness finally soaks his fingertips.

A smile appears on his face, knowing that tonight

he will have dreams of this very moment with her.

Leaving the sheets of his bed soaked in cum

when he awakes with tomorrow mornings light.

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