Midnight Hands (Explicit Content)

Midnight Hands

Outside, darkness has swallowed the city,

the moon hanging high in the midnight sky.

Stars shining brightly, enticing every eye,

stealing the weak hearts of every lover.

Two lovers sit together on their couch,

arms wrapped around each other tight.

In the background, some movie is playing,

keeping them both vaguely entertained.

A sudden idea strikes the females mind,

temptation overpowering her body.

Leaning in to kiss him, the woman smiles,

knowing that his love for her runs deep.

Her fingertips slide through his black hair,

forcing more passion from their deep kiss.

Rolling a finger across his delicate cheek,

gazing past his closed eye lids into his soul.

Her hand moves slowly down his chest,

feeling every inch of his delicious torso.

He wraps his arms around her body tighter,

wanting to inhale her soul through her mouth.

Lips locked only on each other, passion burning,

the heat rising from between their legs.

Pulling herself away, the desire for him rendering

her completely helpless against his touch.

Moving his left hand slowly up her thigh,

stroking her right cheek with the other.

Falling deeper under her spell of desire,

she pulls him closer, locking their lips again.

Slowly sliding her right hand down his stomach,

grabbing onto the hardness between his legs.

Gently, she starts to massage his cock,

feeling the moans tremble through his lips.

Carefully, she clenches tighter onto him,

moving her hand faster, giving him more pleasure.

Living for the soft moans escaping from his lips,

she is enchanted by their delightful sounds.

Between her fingers she can feel the blood

rushing quickly into his raging hardness.

About to explode from this excitement,

he reaches for the release of his pleasure.

Moving her hand faster, hoping to feel

his explosion through her fingertips soon.

Wanting him to have his building release,

feeling inside that the moment is coming.

Just as he lets it all flow freely from inside,

squirting out all over his boxer shorts.

She plants a kiss upon his delicate lips,

leaving whispers of 'i love you' for his ears.

He stands up and heads to the bedroom,

thinking of changing his now damp shorts.

She follows behind, begging for another kiss,

wanting his lips to linger close to her own.

She sits in the doorway watching him change,

as he drops the newly dirtied shorts to the floor.

He grabs a new pair out of the dresser beside him,

pulling them up his legs and around the waist.

Sending him a quick wink of her eye,

with a rather large smile to follow.

She runs back into his arms, letting them

pull her closer to his half naked body.

Planting another kiss on his delicious lips,

she rests her head on his shoulder.

Allowing herself to fall into peaceful sleep,

delicately embraced by the arms of her lover.

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