Ecstasy In The Park (Explicit Content)

Ecstasy In The Park

Strolling slowly along empty sidewalks,

cars driving by too quick to notice.

Her bloodshot eyes, screaming booze,

vision blurring, struggling to see.

Two blocks from home, or is it three?

Her warm bed calling out her name.

The hair on the back of her neck stands up,

sensing an unknown presence close by.

Her wits trying to sober up quickly,

heart starting to pound in her chest.

Behind her a man stands, dressed in black,

he's been following her for 4 blocks.

Too afraid to turn around and see,

she starts to walk faster and faster.

Pretending that she's only in a hurry,

not terrified of being followed home.

Peeking back out of the corner of her eye,

she sees only darkness, still feeling him there.

Questioning tears begin welling up in her eyes,

why today?  Why her?  what did she do wrong?

Standing behind a tree, not far away,

he watches her become confused and lost.

She takes off running down an alley,

hoping for someone else to be walking nearby.

He smiles, knowing she's terrified of him,

plotting the next move, quietly following.

Her hopes crushed as she turns another corner,

theres not even a single person in sight.

The frightened look on her face excites him,

happy with this, he moves closer to her.

She runs into the park, breathing heavily,

trying to remember where she is now.

The game of cat and mouse arousing him now,

feeling himself grow harder in his jeans.

Her face so beautiful in the moonlight,

maybe he'll catch her in this park, carefully.

Helplessness consuming her mind slowly,

as tears cascade slowly down her cheeks.

She sits down on a park bench, hoping that

he will think this is where she wanted to be.

Praying to her new found God, that he save

her from the man quietly hiding nearby.

He watches her sit down, wanting to grab her,

and slide his raging cock between her legs.

The images gathering in his mind making him

grow harder in his pants, uncontrollably.

He starts running towards her, panting,

massaging the tent pitched in his jeans.

She notices his loud breathing coming close,

as her heart seems to jump out of her body.

She stand up and is immediately grabbed

from behind the bench and pulled into the bushes.

His hands cover over her eyes as she pleads,

begging for him to let her live another day.

he removes his hands from her eyes slowly,

as a sigh of relief escapes through her lips.

'Damn you' she shouts at him,

angry that he would scare her so badly.

Giving him a soft kiss, happy to see him again,

it's been months since they were together.

'I love you still' he whispers into her ear,

making her smile and relax a bit more.

Taking her hand and placing it on his cock,

she massages it for him, listening to him moan.

Suddenly feeling a little naughty,

she unbuttons his jeans and pulls them off.

Pulling her shirt off over her head,

and dropping her skirt to the ground.

He grabs her and pulls her closer to him,

grinding up against her naked body hard.

almost exploding in this deep passion,

he quickly lifts her onto the edge of the bench.

Removing her panties from her legs,

he shoves himself deep inside of her.

Ramming himself in as hard as he can,

almost knocking her over the side of the bench.

Holding on to her tightly, he continues to thrust,

listening to the scream of her moans.

Filling him with only more lust and desire,

Making him thrust into her body harder.

Her nails slicing through his back,

reaching for the release of her ecstasy.

She kisses his lips, begging him for more,

feeling so helpless against her own lust.

Longing for the moment of release,

that will overpower her body and soul.

He licks up her neck slowly, enjoying it,

feeding off the sounds of her deep moans.

Ready to almost split in two, desire raging

inside of his body, wanting all of her.

He scratches across her sides, pulling her

body closer to him, thrusting deeper.

The blood still rushing into his cock,

building up the explosion to soon come.

Hammering into her body harder,

he feels himself let go inside of her.

The stickyness shooting out of him,

exploding deep inside of her cunt.

The heat growing inside of her,

forcing her to cum all at once.

The built up passion, finally exploding

filling her with relief at long last.

A smile revealed upon her pretty face,

her heart starting to calm itself down.

A passionate kiss placed on her lips,

he's pleased with this little adventure.

'Good for you?' he questions his abilities,

she only smiles in return, meaning of course.

He pulls out, walking over to his clothes,

pulling them back on, watching her do the same.

Giving her a quick hug, thanking her for

letting him see her again after all this time.

Walking back towards the alley way,

he hopes to one day run into her again.

She heads in the other direction,

needing a little walk after that moment.

Secretly in her heart she knows that

they will spend another night together.

Both disappearing into the shadows

waiting for another day to come again.

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