Floating In The Rain (explicit content)

Floating In The Rain

Rain poured down upon the grass,

the sky darkening more by the second.

I took your hand in mine as we danced,

surrounded by the downfall.

Your arm wrapped around my waist,

pulling me close to your soaked body.

I rested my head on your shoulder,

feeling more at peace then ever before.

Feet moving to the song in our heads,

listening to you singing into my ear.

Your voice so quiet, so captivating,

I could hear nothing but it's serenity.

Planting a kiss on your cheek,

you make our love shine so bright.

Feeling like I could float forever,

on this cloud where I'm dreaming.

Holding onto you a little tighter,

praying this moment never ends.

The smile seemed to be engraved

on my face, not wanting to disappear.

Hidden from the sight of your eyes,

I release a single tear down my cheek.

The happiness that I've come to feel,

being more then I can contain inside.

A whisper of the wind lets me know,

that you love me now and forever.

Holding my heart in your hands,

ending all the pain from the past.

Another kiss for your wanting lips,

adding a little passion for your heart.

Slipping my tongue between your lips,

wanting your tongue to dance with mine.

I feel your hand fall down my waist,

stopping to grab ahold of my ass.

Lifting me up, to hold me in your arms,

wanting to kiss me with all your might.

Your own mixture of passion and desire,

an endless promise made within a kiss.

Leading me under your hypnotic spell,

craving to make love to you in the rain.

Pulling your shirt off over your head,

leaving a trail of kisses across your chest.

If only to show you of my desire for you,

building within my heart and soul.

An instant smile consumes your face,

as you crave to make love to me here and now.

Ripping my shirt right off of my body,

you start sucking on my neck, teasing me.

The feel of your tongue on my neck,

making me want you all the more now.

Visions of our soon-to-be naked bodies,

trampling their way through my mind.

Fumbling with the button on your shorts,

as it pops off and flies across the grass.

You slide down your zipper, and pull them off,

feeling a little exposed to the world outside.

The corners of my mouth perk up a little,

no boxers were under those shorts.

Dropping my own pants to the ground,

kicking them aside, no panties for me either.

I can't resist the urge to jump in your arms,

knocking us both down to the ground.

Tracing your lips with my finger tip,

making you grow harder beneath me.

Licking my way up your neck slowly,

listening to the soft moans of your voice.

Stopping for a moment to bite your neck,

hearing one moan grow louder in my ear.

Those tender sounds turning me on more,

secretly I indulge in this pleasure.

Giving another passionate kiss to your lips,

being gentle while showing some desire.

Delicately tracing my nails down your back,

knowing it only drives you crazier.

Feeling the animal desire growing in you,

whispering to you, make love to me.

Slowly entering through my slit,

as a soft moan escapes from my lips.

pacing yourself with each thrust,

making this pleasure engulf my mind.

Wanting to accelerate this pleasure,

growing deep inside of my body.

I drag my nails down harder into your back,

forcing you to thrust into me harder.

Both of us losing control as we fall

deeper into our own desire for each other.

The cold rain splashing down upon us,

keeping our bodies cool through our heat.

Drips of rain falling from your hair,

landing on my face, as I close my eyes.

Taking it as a sign of immense pleasure,

you thrust harder, making me take every inch.

My back arches, drowning in this passion,

trailing kisses along your naked body.

Craving my moment of release,

the passion burning so deep inside of me.

My screams grow louder with each thrust,

the passion overtaking my body.

Left at the mercy of your own cravings,

as you pound away deep inside of me.

Starting to feel the beginning of my

sexual explosion growing stronger.

I rip harder into your back,

wanting this pleasure to consume me now.

Feeling the climax building inside,

holding on for another moments pleasure.

My eyes burning with passion,

roll up into my head as I let it go.

The explosion passes through my whole body,

like a tidal wave making it's way across.

Your seed bursting inside of me,

I can feel it as it squirts out of your cock.

Rain still falling down on our bodies,

cleansing away the sweat on our skin.

My heart racing within my chest,

pounding inside of my ears, slowly calms.

Relaxing under a shower of rain,

with your arms wrapped around me tightly.

Hoping our moment of love shared,

makes you never want to let me go.

Planting a soft kiss on your lips,

slowly I stand up and grab my clothes.

I start running towards the truck,

shortly followed by you, clothes in hand.

Climbing into our seats, still soaked,

we drive away, watching the sun rise.

Making our way home for some

much needed rest and relaxation.

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