Erotic Lighthouse (Explicit Content)

Erotic Lighthouse

Darkness soaks the endless sky,

only two shadowy figures in sight.

One man, wearing only his shorts,

arms wrapped around the other person.

They walk closer to the entrance

of the clear, beautiful lake.

The other's figure taking shape,

a woman, dressed in her delicates.

Hand in hand they start to run,

racing towards the beach sand.

Stumbling through the sand,

wanting to dip in the lake's water.

You can envision their shudders,

as they touch the freezing water.

Her nipples instantly hardening

behind the cloth of her black bra.

The man dives in first, arms outstretched,

followed by his mistress of the night.

She swims right up to his side,

splashing water onto his face.

He immediately smiles at her with delight

grabbing her waist and pulling her close.

Leaning his head back to glance above,

as the vision of stars fills his eyes.

He wipes a hand across her face,

and brings his lips close to hers.

She smiles as she presses her lips

passionately against his own.

An idea pops into the mistresses head,

as she suggests visiting the lighthouse.

Only a little offshore island,

with a breathtaking view she thinks.

He's instantly in agreement.

Gliding through the water,

feeling the waves press against them.

For ten minutes they fight,

the current pushing them back.

Finally reaching their destination,

he carries his lover inside.

Climbing up the stairs with her,

to show her the view she craves.

He stumbles upon the lighthouse

keeper's room, only a single bed.

Throwing her down onto the mattress,

he whispers into her ear,

wanting to know if she'd make love to him.

At first shes hesitant,

who knows what lives in this room.

Eventually, she just grabs his shorts

and pulls him down onto the bed.

He eagerly begins nibbling on her neck,

unhooking the restraints of her bra.

Her hands coursing up and down his back,

pressing her hips against his.

Suddenly she hears a noise outside,

like someone stepping on a fallen branch.

She glances around the room

as her heart starts racing in her chest.

It's just the wind baby,

his voice attempting to reassure her.

Moving his hands towards her hips,

pulling her panties down to her feet.

'Your right, I'm just paranoid' she says,

giving him a wink as he takes off his shorts.

He slides his hands up her body,

stopping to slide a finger in her cunt.

She gasps as she feels his finger in her,

making her wetter with every stroke.

'Stop being a fucking tease' she moans,

craving his body to be riding her.

With her hand, she grabs his cock,

massaging it slowly, making him harder.

'Thats it, your gonna get it now' he kids,

as he thrusts all 10 inches inside of her.

She begs for more in midst of her pleasure,

scratching red lines across his back.

Pressing her nails deeper, drawing blood,

making him scream as he thrusts harder.

He leaves a tiny kiss on each of her nipples,

sliding his tongue up her stomach and chest.

he licks his finger, then rubs it against her slit,

making her moan loud enough for the gods to hear.

Placing his hands upon her wrists,

he holds them down above her head.

Watching her squirm in delight,

making him want her all the more.

She starts feeling the oncoming passion,

getting ready to explode inside of her.

He sees it in her eyes, and thrusts harder,

hoping to give her the best she's ever had.

Heavy breaths fall upon their shoulders,

as they ride each other through ecstasy.

She screams as her moment comes,

watching a smile form on his face.

He lets his release shoot inside of her,

only a moment after shes finished.

Falling to her side, holding her close,

he tells her that he loves her deeply.

Out of no where, they both hear a door,

maybe the one from downstairs, opening.

'Whose in here damnit?' the LH keeper asks,

already pissed off because he's tired.

The two lovers quickly pick up their clothes,

and get dress in the blink of an eye.

They run down the stairs past the keeper,

out the door and jump into the lake.

She notices that the sun is coming up,

a beautiful sunrise, wishing she could watch.

'Swim damnit!' her partner screams at her,

trying to pull her along to escape.

She gives in and follows the idiot.

As they reach the shore, he runs home,

leaving her there to watch her sunset,

and fall asleep in the warm sand.

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