Amongst The Stars

Love Poetry

Painting the walls

of our kingdom,

with every moment

I spend in your arms.

Heart grows stronger

with every beat.

Love feels deeper,

by the passing second.

Laughing as lovers do,

happiness fills the air.

Your priceless smile,

leaving me weak.

Feel, touch every curve,

be gentle with my heart.

Grant me the power

to indulge in the passion.

Building in my soul,

a desire to be close to you.

Longing to know it all,

every fantasy.

A lust for knowledge,

of your passionate heart.

My entire world for you,

the man of my dreams.

A precious promise,

is this eternal love.

To devote my life for you,

through each moment.

With love's first kiss,

our fate is in the stars.

Forever together,

is what has been said.

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