Love Is All That Holds Me

Love Poetry

Closing my green eyes,

at the end of a lost day.

Pulling the black & white blanket,

up to my bare waist.

A single lonely tear,

rolls down my cheek.

I've come to realize,

just how alone I am.

Next to me,

theres nothing but air.

No one to hold me,

no one to care.

I feel no arms,

surrounding my body.

I see no eyes,

to gaze into as I fell asleep.

It's only my bed, a blanket,

and the walls that confine me.

Only thing left out there,

is too far away to feel.

My heart lives so far away,

lost inside my darling's soul.

I'm holding on to my hopes,

praying for my dreams.

Asking God to one day,

give me what I truely desire.

Sometimes I think I'd give my life,

for just one moment with him.

Someone to just love me,

and hold me close tonight.

Instead I spend another night,

alone beneath the stars.

Never forgetting in my heart,

that love will be with me someday.

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