Silent Screams

Depressed Poetry

Standing ontop her mountain,

of long ago shattered dreams.

The river of teardrops

that bleeds through her heart.

Screams heard in silence,

as evil reigns this world.

Smashing the hopes of those

who are trapped in innocence.

Deserving love within souls,

given the rejection they fear.

Eyes gazed upon with desire,

heated lust, mistaken as love.

The wind screams of her longing,

as the rain cries at her side.

Is there such a soul who waits,

for this woman whom I see?

Each moment ticks by,

as lonely as the last.

Searching for the missing half

of what her life could be.

Will they see the sorrow

that fills her eyes each day?

Or will the beauty of her

soul finally be set free?

Blood sheds and her tears

continue to fall in sadness.

She awaits her one true love,

not to be alone for eternity

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