A Dance of The Eyes(Dedication)

Depressed Poetry

**Dedicated to Jena**

The darkness consumes every heart

close enough to its destruction.

Shreding what love was left inside,

leaving behind her blood and tears.

Promises, so empty of truth,

leaving only gaps in her trust.

Another reason to run for that knife,

let the pain flow out of her body.

In a world so filled with hate,

is there any hope to be found?

Forever doomed to feel sorrow,

born broken within her lost soul.

Locked inside of every tear she sheds,

attempts to leave the void behind.

Covering up those bleeding wrists,

wishing that she could only smile.

To feel once ounce of happiness,

even on the darkest of her days.

Seems to only be a daydream,

lost within the true reality.

Where she's already been forgotten,

not accepted, not allowed to be herself.

Only a shadow roaming the earth,

until the light blinds her existance.

Dare I love this broken creature

who has become known to me?

My heart is hers, impossible to resist

the dance of her eyes as she smiles.

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