My Haunting Secret

Depressed Poetry

feel the blade slice through me

as it has so many times before

leaving one more slash mark

an imprint on my heart

your tongue so sharp

cuts through my ears

so deadly and cold

and out pours the tears

my hopes and dreams smashed

as the blood trickles down my body

the cold hard truth of the past

finally killing whats left inside

nightmares would be soothing

compared to this memory

that night you ripped my life apart

when you placed a hand on me

still feeling that hard hitting blow

before i feel to my knees

crying out for someone to save me

watching my misery

brought a smile to anothers face

finally getting what i truely deserved

is all that he will say

never again she promises me

will she strike me down so low

staring at my bruised soul

forever marked in memory

haunting me so long inside

never did i tell a soul

from my own guardian angel

i did recieve a blow

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