Ripped Away From Deceit

Depressed Poetry

Suddenly being struck with this pain,

watching the handcuffs go on.

Saying my last goodbyes,

I might not be here when you return.

Thirty days with good behavior,

but I'm not allowed to see you.

I hear my mother crying at night,

because they won't let you call.

Taken away your freedom to save you,

I doubt that will ever work out.

Hours away from friends and family,

just waiting to come home again.

Several times, I've been overwhelmed,

by all that I'm holding deep inside.

Staring out the window singing,

as the tears dripped down my eyes.

This song reminded me of you,

listening as the lyrics flowed out,

only made the tears scream harder.

Never expected this to be the end,

the last memory I'd have of you.

Handcuffs and shackles,

alone in a prison cell.

They all claim to want to help,

but people lie everyday.

Ripped a piece of my soul,

took you away from me.

To me you were the only one left,

that I could even stand to be with.

But now those days are in the past,

as I'm left in the gathering dust.

Already counting down the days,

and they haven't even started.

Hoping for your quick return,

so I won't leave without seeing you.

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