One More Slice

Love Poetry

I was drowning in my empty life

until you saved me from insanity

threw me over your shoulder

and brought me back to reality

one more day and i would have been gone

left alone to walk the earth forever

with an unfinished life of nothingness

instead you stole my heart and made me soar

bringing me to heights unknown

i took all the love you offered me

to thaw away the ice surrounding my broken heart

before you came along all i knew was pain

the never ending tears that constantly spilled

down my face and froze around my heart

if that feeling ever returned to me

the cold knife slicing through my back

puncturing my happy heart

i would drop to my knees and beg for it not to be true

one more broken heart would kill me

the feeling i cannot go through again

it would be too much when i love you this much

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