Impossible Dreams

Depressed Poetry

Eighteen years, alone,

lost in shattered dreams.

Nothing but hope for more

then this emptiness offers.

One wish for every star,

that finds it's way to my sky.

Longing to find my love,

prayers gone unanswered.

{ Trapped in this hell,

screams pounding on

the empty walls }

Attempts at forever,

broken with every promise.

A bleeding heart screams,

for what it's never known.

Hope begins to fade away,

stealing all of my dreams.

Left without a soul,

only a few short memories.

The emptiness of a past,

threatening to swallow

the crushed dreams of a girl.

Lost and broken, Alone.

{ Eighteen years

wasted away,

my impossible dreams }

Loveless, dried out creature,

no place to call home.

Heart singing of peril,

and long lost dreams.

Her eyes see an angel,

far off into the mist.

The bringer of new hope

after all has been lost?

Gliding towards her,

a smile upon his face.

The answer to a prayer,

that shook heaven's gates.

Recognizable is this angel,

the man from her dreams.

Come to carry her home,

to the pearly gates above.

{ Salvation of a soul,


by demons }

Love will surround her,

comfort to a hurting soul.

Loneliness long forgotten,

like an impossible dream.

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