Explosion of Stars (Explicit Content)

Explosion of Stars (Explicit Content)

A blanket, two hearts, and

a few reasons for romance.

Two lovers in the park watched

as fireworks lit up the night sky.

Their arms surrounding eachother

enjoying the loud boom of the lights.

He leans over to her face, holding

her chin in his fingertips for a kiss.

She gently presses her lips against

his, her heart fluttering in her chest.

They pull away only to gaze into each

others eyes, a smile on their faces.

Pinks, blues and whites bring a moment

of light into the darkness of the night.

Their passion seems to grow with each

loud bang of the colorful explosions.

She finds her mind wandering to his

face, imagining him being inside of her.

While he secretly dreams of teasing

her with a gentle passionate touch.

He turns to her, noticing she was already

gazing at him, though she quickly looks away.

She blushes as she knows shes been caught,

he simply sends her a wink followed by a kiss.

He pulls her closer to his warm body,

pressing his lips tightly against hers.

Engulfing her within his arms, he grabs

the bottom of her shirt, pulling it off.

She grabs his neck, forcing his face closer

as she devours his smile with kisses.

She runs a fingernail across his back,

teasing him as she pulls off his shirt.

His lips gently glide across the skin of

her shoulders and down her neckline.

Reaching one hand behind her, he unhooks

the restraints of her black padded bra.

Replacing the warmth of its cloth with

his heated lips on her hardening nipples.

Feeling the heat growing between her legs,

he slowly slides a hand up her left thigh.

She moans with delight as she feels his

touch, wanting for him to feel her wetness.

She reaches for his hand, moving it further

up her skirt, towards her heated slit.

She gasps for breath as his finger rubs

against her slit, biting her lip with pleasure.

He watches with desire as she falls under

the spell of a few passionate touches.

Her fingers reach for his jeans, unbuttoning

them and quickly pulling them down his legs.

She grabs onto his already growing cock,

massaging it as he continues to touch her.

He finally gives in to temptation and pulls

down her panties, climbing on top of her.

She spreads her legs wide open, as he

forces his cock all the way inside of her.

She cries out in pleasure as he shoves himself

deeper, their bodies already covered in sweat.

Her nails dig themselves into the skin of his

back as he drives her closer to an orgasm.

She moans in his ear, as the fireworks still

bang in the sky, drowning out her screams.

He places kisses upon every inch of her skin,

reaching for the explosion of ultimate ecstasy.

He holds her legs over his shoulders as he

continues to ride the wave of pleasure.

The heat from their bodies only making the

passion grow more fierce inside their lust.

Their lips locked together in a moment of

sexual romance, with a sky full of lights.

She pulls him closer, wanting to feeling

him pressing deeper inside of her body.

She feels her body inching closer to the peak

of her sexual explosion, her juices flowing.

He pushes himself deeper, thrusting his body

faster inside of her, craving that release.

Digging her heels into his back, she forces him

closer still, as he pounds against her body.

Her eyes roll into the back of her head as

she finally reaches the moment of glory.

He finally presses his body to the limit,

giving them both the most pleasure possible.

Their orgasms erupt within the heat of their

joined bodies, liquid spilling inside her slit.

Their hot breath blown across their sweaty

bodies,  as he leans down to her face again.

Planting another soft kiss upon her lips,

another bang of fireworks lights the sky.

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