Angel Desires (Explicit Content)

Angel Desires

Through an endless row of clouds,

two angels soar across the skies.

Fingers intertwined, hand in hand,

lost within the gaze of each other's eyes.

They fly down to a solitary cloud,

arms surrounding their bodies.

Captivated by their tight embrace,

watching the sunset light up the sky.

He places a single kiss on her lips,

at the exact moment the sun disappears.

Leaving them both soaked in moonlight,

lips falling under the spell of lust.

He turns her towards him slowly,

leaving a trail of kisses on her shoulder.

Watching her face bathe in the moonlight,

her beauty leaves him almost breathless.

A smile forms upon his delicate face,

as he leans in for a more passionate kiss.

Lips locked together in a battle of desire,

hands dancing across each other's backs.

His fingers slowly slip under her shirt,

sliding up and down her small spine.

Feeling her lust consuming her mind,

she grabs his shirt, pulling it over his head.

Softly kissing his chest, sliding her tongue

across his fragile neck making him moan.

He unbuttons her shirt quickly, wanting her,

and cupping her left breast with his hand.

He carefully takes the shirt off of her body,

licking his way across her chest slowly.

Stopping only to plant a kiss on both of her

nipples, massaging them with his tongue.

The passion growing between her legs,

suddenly ignites a fire of the deepest desire.

Her nails rip into his back, as she pulls him

onto her topless body, kissing his lips hard.

Desperately trying to undo the button

holding his jeans tightly around his waist.

Finally it lets go of it's grip and she slides

the zipper down, pulling them off of him.

She notices his hardness through his boxers,

only making her desire for him grow stronger.

Standing up for a moment, she pulls down her

panties, exposing her deep wetness to him.

Collapsing into his arms, she lets go of her

grip on reality, losing herself to their passion.

Holding on tightly to his body, she pulls him

closer to her, making him shove inside of her.

His lust suddenly overpowers him as he enters

her through the heat of her body, lost in beauty.

He thrusts into her deeper, making her moan

loudly into his ear, turning him on even more.

She rocks her hips according to his own movements,

Falling deeper under the control of her desires.

Taking a glance into his eyes, she forfeits control,

allowing him to take over her body and soul.

He continues to thrust deep into her wet slit,

the need for his sexual explosion growing.

Breathing heavily on top of her, he tries to

catch his breath, while pleasuring them both.

His hands massaging her breasts delicately,

feeling her nipples erect beneath his fingertips.

Ramming his cock deeper inside of her,

listening to the pleasure buried in her moans.

She starts to feel the oncoming explosion

traveling slowly throughout her entire body.

Making its way down across her stomach,

and releasing her cum in a moment of ecstasy.

His cock raging harder, longing for release,

while he drives himself harder inside of her.

Exploding deep within her, feeling relief

as they have finally reached their sexual peak.

Sweat pouring from their aching bodies,

they lie within eachothers arms peacefully.

He stares at the stars, watching them vanish,

turning his face to the east astonished by beauty.

The sun slowly rises from her restful sleep,

to light up the once darkened skies again.

A smile slowly begins to form across his face,

as he gazes upon the angel snoring beside him.

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