Our Bestest Friend (Collab)

you called me today

told me to write a fuckin poem for you

so here ya go, this shits for you!

Your a fun loving person

In your own strange ways

Even though at times

You tend to drive me fucking insane

you run around screaming

like a fucking crazed maniac

shouting YAY!! all the time

I swear to god your driving me to drink

People often wonder about you

hoping that what you do is a phase

Since of course I think your a craze

acting like a carny on crack

gawd, give me on chance

and i will give you a smack!

Lifes not what people think

All the boys always

giving you the wink

Then walk away that stinks

your two simple addictions in life

talking on the phone

and smoking cancer sticks

your gonna die by the time your 26

Gawd 26 if only hell wasnt so sucky

Then life here stuck under

This funking town wouldnt be so lucky

Since you called me

I offered to think

about things to say

So here it goes

this poem reallys sucks

what the fuck to do

oh well bitch

I only wrote it for you..

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