Once Precious, Now Broken

Depressed Poetry

The stars that I held so preciously in my eyes

have fallen into teardrops that are dripping down my cheek.

the gift of flight you once gave to me as a special gift

you seem now to be stripping away from me.

The things you've said to me have meant one thing to you and apparently something entirely different to me.

Promising me you'd wait for me to overcome my flaw

has led you to insult me behind my back.

Your attempts to destroy, were accomplished

and yet still you throw me back into my world of pain.

Excuse my while my tears fall, I don't think they can stop,

sobbing so consistantly that I can't even talk.

To end this piece I leave my heart sitting here

broken on the floor how it's been countless times before.

Many times you have stolen my breath away from me

but this time, I don't know if I want it to return.

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