Mind Numbing


His hot breath forcing chills

across the naked flesh of my back.

My spine tingling with anticipation,

nails tearing through my skin.

I feel his fingertips as they run

through every strand of my hair.

His lips inching closer to mine,

beginning a most passionate kiss.

He dares to move closer, leaving

a trail of kisses across my neck.

My heart screams within my chest,

biting my lip to keep myself quiet.

In the darkness a hand finds my face,

softly caressing my left cheek.

Guiding your lips to meet mine,

creating their own erotic dance.

Your gentle touch invading

every darkened corner of my heart.

My mind slowly fading into the moans

that escape through your lips.

Drowning myself within our passion,

allowing my mind to wander from my body.

Carelessly I open my soul to you,

welcoming these newfound desires.

My mind pleading with his soul

as the moans spill from my lips,

painting the ecstasy on my pillow

I bite down, and try not to scream.

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