Precious, Wandering Imagination


Drifting off into a world of passion,

listening to the calm, peaceful sound of your voice.

Laying beside you in my imagination,

closing my eyes, I see you there.

Contained within your voice,

is this soothing, relaxing tone,

that sets my heart on fire.

Felt upon every inch of my body,

are a million tiny kisses from you.

Flooded with longing and desire,

as lips press up against bare skin.

Tongues wander and intertwine,

in a love felt so strongly.

Hands gently caress,

as passion burns between us.

Slow and steady movements,

weak cries, moans and groans.

Lost in each others embrace,

captivated by the love in these eyes.

Hearts are pounding,

becoming one, in this sensual place.

Time passes them by like an explosion,

both blind to anything but the other.

Lips dancing gracefully,

as the end draws near.

Sweat soaked bodies

release an expression of true love.

At the end of this journey in my mind,

their souls have become lost together,

forever joined in body, mind, and spirit.

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