Soon To Be Happy

Love Poetry

Always there to catch me when I fall,

picking up the pieces when I shatter on the floor.

Wiping away the tears that I've cried,

holding my hand to keep me alive.

This I pledge to you, my undying love

craddling you in my arms

you are all that I see before me.

My simple existance is void

without you by my side.

The only thing hat can fill the hole

thats been burned into my heart.

The day you fell form heaven in front of my eyes,

my most treasured memory of all time.

You simply stopped on Earth to pick me up,

help me reach my favorite stars.

Drain my memory of the past,

and show me that love does exist.

And this I promise you..

I will always be there to dry your eyes

when life has become too much,

to hug you when it's just what you need,

to love you when your lonely,

to listen when you need an open ear,

and to keep your very dreams alive.

Forever I am in debt to the love you have shown me,

the pieces you picked up when I was in need

and the smiles you've given me

when I thought I'd forgotten how.

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