Pour Into Our Hearts

As each day passes,

the moment draws more near....

as love grows upon the sands of time

between your heart and mine

finally together, love will explode

between our hearts upon my arrival.

a glancing smile drawn to a touch

as a kiss erupts this far too long waited love

as temptations plays throughout my mind,

for in this version, our hearts combine, together as one,

making sweet love right there in front of everyone.

though their eyes never steal a glance,

a perfect moment in time,

only played within my mind.

Steal this time away for just a moment

seemingless to the unknown on lookers

who have never seen such a sight

would blind them deep.

Look beyond that time and endless space

for our love will take its place..

As we seek out what we were trying to hide

from others who had us denied..

Love holds stronging bonds held deep inside

heart for truth knows of our plans..

to never be apart

I myself am blind to all those who

have spoken out against this love,

I dare not bother a moments time

with such wasteful comments anymore.

All that lies within my future,

is all that I can bother to dream about,

lost in constant thoughts of you and I,

together at last. Forever.

Living together, side by side,

always there for one another.

Finally able to be there to hug you

like I always dream of doing.

Getting my first and millionth opportunity

to dance across your lips after all this time.

To simply hold you within my arms,

as I drift off to meet you in a dream...

Showing you what passion dwells

inside of my heart just for you to feel.

I want to give everything that is my world to you.

May I be the man that can fulfill your loving world?

you my love, are the only one who ever could.

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