Passionate Kisses Burning Inside (Explicit Content)

Passionate Kisses Burning Inside

Upon endless rows of flowers,

she falls into his comforting arms.

The tears start to flood her eyes,

as their pure love pierces her soul.

Dancing through a sky of stars,

surrounded by it's beauty.

His gentle touch calms her,

passionate kisses ignite their fire.

Lips raining down tiny kisses

on every inch of her body.

Hands slide across bare skin,

never wanting this touch to end.

Gently pulling her closer to him,

pressing his delicate lips against hers.

Whispering promises of fantasies

long awaited to now come true.

His tongue gliding across her chest,

closing his mouth over the nipple.

Softly increasing her pleasure

with every lick of his tongue.

Feeling his length beside her,

growing harder with each touch.

His fingers wondering her body,

slowly caressing her wet slit.

She cries out to the sky for more,

falling under the spell of desire.

Only craving him inside of her more,

as he teases her with his tongue.

Her mouth opens to let out another moan,

as he crawls on top of her naked body.

Planting kisses on her delicate neck,

while pushing himself inside of her.

Their hips grinding into each other,

desire consumes their hearts.

Her nails rip at the skin on his back,

as he cries out in pain and pleasure.

Breathing harder by the second,

reaching towards their sexual peak.

He thrusts into her harder,

wanting to feel her cum under him.

Her heart racing, almost exploding

with her chest with excitement.

In one swift movement,

she pushes him off her body

and pins him underneath her.

Wrapping her hand around his hardness,

she shoves it back inside of her.

Grinding against his body faster,

screaming his name into the heavens.

Her hands clawing at his chest,

feeling his sweat soaked body.

Her slit getting wetter with every moan

that escapes his tempting lips.

Running her fingers through his hair,

pulling it back to kiss his delicious lips.

Placing a tiny kiss on his chest

as she rides him into their ecstasy.

In their heads they both start to feel

the coming of their sexual explosion.

She leans down to whisper in his ear,

a promise of her heart in his hands forever.

He places a kiss upon her lips,

catching his breath to speak,

as he promises her forever love.

Thrusting his hips into her body

as she releases her juices onto

his raging cock, forcing him to

explode his seed deep inside of her.

She collapses onto his side,

wrapping her arms around him.

Gazing into the endless world

that exists within his deep brown eyes.

He strokes her hair as he stares

into the sea of green in her eyes.

Kissing the tiny corner of her mouth,

as she falls asleep within his arms.

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