Life Without Me

One tear goes down my face,

In my room alone,

No one knows I feel this way,

No one really knows.

Another tear drops as my thoughts start to race,

Thinking of what to do,

Because everyone else has left me,

Everyone else has left me here to die.

Another tear drops as I pick up my face,

Knowing what to do,

Because everything now makes sense,

I know now what to do.

Another tear hangs as I pick myself up,

Walking into the kitchen,

Because my anwser is in here,

The anwser here lies.

I wipe a tear with my sleeve as I get a knife,

Knowing what to do,

Slice myself I should,

Slice myself I will.

I let one tear more slip as I slash into my ribs,

Letting the knife tear into my heart,

Because no one knew my heart was breaking,

My heart was breaking too fast.

One last tear slides down as I fall into the floor,

Drowning in my own blood,

Because this is how life should be,

A life without me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


How I feel at times.

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