Words dance on tongues tip              

Of my feelings for you

I’m engrossed and enriched

And more it’s true




Closer than a tear

I hold you here

Mind and heart

With no fear




Can I crawl

Into your soul

Sleep next to

Your beating heart

So I can

Feel whole

And finally believe

My life can start




Just then

The world shifted slightly

Only a fragment at first

And still

The universe halted

And I was resurrected

Love child

Born to be held by you

So I can finally fly




I find myself

Living a dream with you

I open my eyes

And realize its true




The gear wheels came together

With a very audible click

And I knew at that moment

With you I’d stick



Written on

December 1, 2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was all of my poems I wrote but never finished. Please come to me with ideas of making them their own poem.

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