Dirty Hands


I’ve done my share

Of things gone wrong

Seen too many days

Go on way too long

I’ve felt more than my share

Of this life’s pain

I’ve tried to hide

All my disdain

I’m looking forward

To this unknown

Don’t look at me

I’m afraid it’s showin’

That I can’t go back

To where I’ve been

I’ve been there before

And that was then

I was young and dumb

Restless and mean

Yea I was there before

When I was green

I’m something new now

Something I wasn’t before

I can’t turn back now

My past is all lore

I’m not sure just who

I have become

I’m not sure of much but

The fact I cannot succumb

To the person I used to be

Because that’s not who I am

I am the angel with the dirty hands

I am god’s shaved lamb

I will grow, I know this

I will rise to be

Something more than I was

This I hope you can see



Written on

October 4, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I wrote about myself. Who and what I was and what I'll never be. Not again anyway.

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