Let's Do It

For My Truest Love

Two years

Best Friends

Worst enemies

True love

From nothin

To somethin

From havin nothin

To havin not much more

But love keeps us hangin on

Just to see





Many dreams

Not much means

Lots of tries

A few good byes

We break up

To make up

We yell &

Send each other to hell

Then we miss each other

And kiss each other

And all is well

Then our times get hard

And we can't fix our car

And our funds are all spent

We wonder where the money went

And our bills are due

And we aint got it so fuck you!

Another turn for the worst

I grab my keys and my purse

I try to walk away

And you claim you can't stay

And we call each other names

And start placing the blames

And we can no longer take it

We wonder how we're gonna make it

And we fight off all the stress

And my sadness you caress


And I know we'll make it another day

We just have to stay brave

And the team that we was

Simply because

You're all that I've got

And believe it or not

I never want to be with out you

I don't know where I'd be with out you

You give me the strength to keep on goin

Even through hard times and the unknowin

You are my backbone

I never want to be alone

Without you

My love is true- it's so true

We'll make it past again and again

And I promise baby- then

We'll get what we deserve in life

Maybe you'll be my husband and I'll be your wife

When we're ready

And our lives our steady

Or maybe we'll just stay the way we are

Get a nicer place and a way nicer car

And we'll live in pure bliss

With our dogs and their piss

And the clothes that I stole

But we'll be obtaining our goal

To be happy and secure

And I'm very sure

We can do it- we can do it

So let's get through this shit

And do it

Let's do it

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